New Health Journey

Most of my life, I’ve been relatively weight conscious. In my late teen years I spent a lot of time working out every night before bed, and tried hard to eat healthy – even switching to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Now I’m in my late 20’s, vegan, with three kids and gaining weight. I stopped being health conscious when my family fell apart. Convenience became the norm, and then my kids Dad stopped feeding them healthy and they were no longer interested in healthful options.

I’m currently 155 lbs, at 5’5 and about 38.5 inches around the largest part of my waist/stomach. I have noticed new stretch marks appearing on my chest and some cellulite coming back around my thighs. Yesterday at work, a man and his wife asked me if I am expecting. I wanted to cry and never eat again.

So I am vowing to get my act together and toughen up. Right as soon as I buy groceries…
I’m putting this out into the world for accountability purposes. My hope is to stick to something between the McDougall diet and Raw Till Four.
(Information for both can be found below.)

Let’s do this.




I will also be using CRON-O-METER to keep track of my progress, nutrients and calories.

I am Guilty.

That’s right. I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of neglecting this blog. You got me.

So I’m here to check in with some small excuses updates on why I haven’t been around.

We all know that life gets busy. This year all three of my littles are in school, my three year old just started every day full-time junior kindergarten and at the same time I started a job! It hasn’t been an easy adjustment. I often don’t see my children until bedtime each night and sometimes less than that if they go to their Dad’s house for the weekend. It’s been an emotionally trying time for all of us. My kids are going to a sitter for the first time in their lives ever.

Our house is in a constant state of distress, because I’m mid-purge/back to school cleaning but I keep putting it on hold halfway through for work or my parental responsibilities and there is just stuff everywhere.

Which brings me to my so called journey to minimalism! Somehow in the last few months we have accumulated more stuff. I don’t really know how. It must be the stuff that was already lurking in closets, and we’ve been trying to redecorate. But why a family of four needs more than 15 bath towels I will never be able to say. (I’ve since cut that down to our three favorite large bath towels and one patterned beach towel per kid). How nice would it be, to come home from work to an orderly house each day because there isn’t enough stuff to make a mess with?! It sounds like a distant dream.

So there you have it. I’m still here, hiding around the corner and trying to keep my lid on.