What $11.67 Looks Like

So my budget got a little smaller over the weekend. And just as I’m sitting down to lunch, the phone rings. It’s my Mom, asking me if I want to run to the grocery store with her. I don’t have much money, and I won’t know much on what I need until after I go to the food bank on Tuesday. But I said sure, why not?

This is what I picked up while we were there:


I know, it doesn’t look like much. Here’s a breakdown:

1 two-pack discount blueberries 0.99
1 pack potatoes 0.49
2 packs bananas 0.49 each
1 organic lemonade 1.99
2 almond milks 2.99 each
Pack of noodles 0.98

And there you have it. Total of 11.67 (with tax)

Everything was on sale. Tomorrow night we’ll be having tofu sesame noodles made with that pack of noodles above. One night this week we’re having mashed potatoes with gravy and some Gardein “chicken” that I have in the freezer. Blueberries for snacks and lunches, bananas for snacks and smoothies. And I still have roughly $50 left in the budget for this week!

Food Saving Tips – Discount Produce

I just wanted to share that during yesterdays grocery shop, I picked up a few cheap items from the discount produce shelves. This is a great way to save money though you always need to check the produce over carefully before committing to the purchase!

The first thing I picked up was a bag of eight small corn on the cobs for $0.99. I cut them all in half, sliced off any sketchy bits and threw them in a pot to boil. We ate them with veggie burgers and fries. Corn isn’t something that I would typically buy but my kids really enjoy corn on the cob. We each ate one half and the rest went into the kids lunches.


The next discount item that I bought was fresh chives! They come in over priced plastic containers but they’ve been on my list for ages. The problem was, any time I found the dried chives in the spice aisle I found that they were asking a horrendous amount of money for a very small amount. So when I saw two containers going for $0.99 total, I tossed them in the cart. When I got home I sat down and picked out any pieces that were too far gone, and chopped the rest using my little kitchen scissors. Then I rinsed them in a “quinoa strainer” as I call it (just a metal strainer with very tiny holes) and shook them out on a tray to dry out before putting them back in a tupperware container to freeze. I love using chives in many recipes, including twice baked potatoes and pizza dough.


The trick with most produce (discounted or not) is to take care of it right away. While some hardy produce can last a week or two, there comes a point when it must be used up or stored differently if you don’t want to throw it away like money down the pooper. If I had waited a day or two before tending to this produce it would have been too late. Now I have fresh chives at my convenience any time I need them and we were able to get a meal and two lunches out of the corn. I would say that it was $2 well spent!

Grocery Haul Over Budget

I’m not going to post my full grocery haul this week, but I’ll give you a brief break down! Off we went to the grocery store, precise list in hand including estimated dollar amounts based on the flyer and experience alone. My plan was for $70 and that would leave me some wiggle room for the health food store with a max budget of $100. I was doing great, two stores in for all the best deals and only $67!

Then we went to the health food store (dun dun dun!). All I wanted to get were some veggie burger buns, vegan cheese slices and maybe some tofurky slices for the kids school lunches. But oh look, ice cream! We missed our special ice cream day this past weekend and my kids go off to their Dad’s on Friday. So I got to thinking.. but when I looked at the price of our regular size ice cream container it was nearly $9! That’s $3 more than what I would usually pay at Wal-Mart. But there was a package of four coconut ice cream bars on sticks (whatever you call those things) dipped in chocolate. That was much cheaper (only $5!). Yeah why not, right? But next to the ice cream is nori sheets. And I’ve had vegan sushi on my mind lately. I wandered over a few steps to check out the prices.. opted for the cheapest one at $7 and went to get those buns and tofurky slices. But then.. they had some cheese shreds on sale! ON SALE! Despite the fact that I already picked up two bags of the Daiya Chedder shreds at a cheaper store, the mozerella shreds here were even cheaper! Another bag won’t hurt anything. Then I realized that if we wanted to eat veggie burgers and fries tonight, I won’t feel like making the burgers so I’d better pick some up. And oh hell, it’s hard work buying groceries! A natural root beer and dark chocolate bar later.. we were finally at the check out when I saw that naan bread taunting me. “It’s pizza night.. you know it is.. the kids should have pizza in their lunch for pizza day tomorrow.. pizza.. piizzaaaa…” Yep. So $51 later we’re finally home.

A total spent of $118.11

Here’s a break down of our items, if you wish to continue reading..

Foil Wrap
Daiya Chedder (x2)
Strawberries 1lb (x2)
Green Onion (Scallions) (x2)
Navel Orange 3lb (x2)

Laundry Detergent
Reduced Produce (chives and corn on the cob)
Sweet Red Peppers(0.900 kg/1.98 lbs)
Bananas (3.14 kg/6.92 lbs)
Sweet Onion (1.20 kg/2.64 lbs)
Frozen Strawberries
Coconut Whipped Topping
Soy Milk (x2)
Wheat Tortilla

Chocolate Bar
Naan Bread
Root Beer
Tofurky Slices
Tofutti Cheese Slices
Whole Grain Burger Buns
Coconut Ice Cream Bars
Sol Burgers

So there you have it. A not so brief break down of our grocery shopping day. This will last us a while though and is just fill in foods for what we already have at home. The nori will make for an extra meal that wasn’t planned on but it’s so nice to switch things up now and then. We have enough cheese for two weeks. We have cereal that needs to be eaten before we buy more even if it’s not the kids favorite. Canned goods to be used up. And from Friday evening until Sunday at bed time I am only feeding myself. That small break in custody every two weeks does a lot to stretch my grocery budget out! All of the above is for a family of four; myself, my 8 year old, 7 year old and three year old.

Little Food Haul

It’s grocery shopping day! If you saw the last food haul post you will know that it was big! So big in fact that I still have a lot of produce and other items left, allowing me to do a smaller grocery haul this week.


So in this food haul from two different stores, I was able to cash in on some sales from last week with rain checks. Here’s what I got:

Blueberries (as a treat for my son)
1 Onion
Brussel Sprouts
Tortilla Wraps
Bread (x2)
Frozen Strawberries (x2 on sale)
Almond Milk (x2 on sale)
Clif Bars (x2 boxes on sale)
Root Beer (natural, my treat)
Rice noodles (x2)
Daiya “Cheese” (x2)

Also, three itty bitty bite sized chocolates; one for myself, my Dad who was with us and my son.
The grand total came to $85.63 – Just over $14 under budget!

Large Food Haul

Note to self: do not make impulse purchases at the local health food store!!

Today I decided I would show you what a large grocery haul looks like for us. We’ve been short of money for a couple weeks and really had to limit what we were buying, but it’s pay week so it was time to stock up and go a little crazy! Keep in mind, this is for a family of four; one very fussy eight year old, a healthy food loving six year old, a snacky three year old, and my trying to get healthy self.

The first store is our cheaper grocery store, where they sometimes have discounted produce and are always out of the advertised sales. Yes, the three main things I went there to buy were sold out. That leaves me with three very limited rain checks. But, we did get a lot of other good stuff.

*Sorry about the picture quality, this is my first haul post and one of these days I’ll work up the courage to do a video haul!*


Here we have two packages of romaine lettuce, two bags of chopped kale, about 8 tomatoes, one butternut squash (for soup!), one anise/fennel bulb, a big watermelon, about ten red bell peppers, 2lb bag of baby carrots, two bunches of celery, a container of strawberries, bag of grapes, a small eggplant, 3 onions.. cut out of the pic is a bag of four grapefruits and package of sliced mushrooms.. (cont’d)
One bag of avocados, three limes and three lemons, three bunches of green onions, one cucumber, head of cauliflower, five bunches of bananas… (cont’d)

Four cartons of organic vegetable broth (a lot of recipes that call for veggie broth), a box of Rice Krispies cereal, two boxes of Cap’N Crunch, and one box of Jordan’s Morning Crisp (chocolate curls), grape juice, organic apple juice, pasta sauce, two jars of olives, a jar of hot pepper rings, two loaves of bread.. (cont’d)


Kettle salted popcorn, blue corn chips (organic), two packages of tortilla wraps, one package of small pita’s. The total for this store was $148.90.

Because they didn’t have our almond milk that was on sale, we had to make a trip to Wal-Mart. Here’s how that went:

I knew that they had ataulfo mangoes on sale – the whole box of 20 mangoes cost under $10! These are my favorite mangoes. Also I was looking for original rice cakes for the kids and none of the stores I’ve been two these past few weeks had them! So naturally, I grabbed a bag here. Then I picked up some Kettle chips for our snack/movie night; sea salt, salt and vinegar and salt & pepper. And of course, two cartons of almond milk. The total here was 32.03.

By the time we headed to third store I was getting really hungry! This was at our local health food store, and I repeat: Bad place for impulse purchases!!
Tonight is pizza night, so we needed to pick up some things like cheese, and the kids love taking wraps and sandwiches in their lunches with tofurky slices and cheese slices! The clif bar was my snack for all the hard work it takes to go grocery shopping 😉 Hey, it’s exhausting stuff! The gum was for my daughter who is a little gum obsessed these days, and the tooth brush is for my son who tends to walk around the house with his brush and lose it behind his bed or other weird places. So here’s a break down of what you see here.. Kale chips, organic bamboo wipes, made good chocolate chip granola bars, daiya cheese slices, tofurky slices, coconut clif bar, toothpaste for the kids, two bags of daiya cheese (shredded), a tooth brush, a bag of gum and a small package for me.
My fussy eater loves blueberry fig bars, so I got enough for each kid to have one each day in their lunches (which clearly, works out to three boxes). Two packages of garlic naan bread for pizza night, a smoothie for the little guy and a root beer for me, and the largest impulse purchases; two new nail polishes that came in at $10 each! Almost everything from this store was roughly $5 per item. The grand total? $112.34!

I know that adds up to a lot from all three stores. Some of the purchases won’t be used until next week, others next weekend, and some will last into the week beyond that. So while it is a lot, I consider this to be two weeks worth of groceries plus some unnecessary items.

If you like this post, please leave a comment below and I’ll do more food haul posts that are much more practical, along with money saving tips when it comes to vegan food! This is not what a typical week of groceries usually looks like for us, and I would love to share with you what we buy on a more regular basis.