Sunday Kid-Free Meal Prep

Every other Sunday, I am free of major commitments. It’s grocery day, and my only real day to relax before another two weeks begins. And today grocery shopping was exciting!

I’m always excited to bring home food, especially whole ingredients that I can turn into yummy dishes. But this Sunday was special because I ran into a vegetarian couple; who happen to be second cousins! We started talking about food and how for him it started as health reasons but the morality of it all sank in. We discussed how some family members are supportive and others are down right hostile. The topic of food cravings came up, and he mentioned that he sometimes misses ribs (but luckily he can get some Gardein products to fill in for the flavor sensations). I spoke to him about my occasional cravings for my Dad’s smoked turkey, and that I just get some tofu and my sweet Dad does it on the smoker for me. And it was all so refreshing.

The cashier rang through the fragrant bunch of cilantro and told me she keeps trying it but can’t seem to like it. How do you store it, anyway? I don’t know, because everything I have tried fails. We agreed that freezing it in ice cubes is the best way to store cilantro, but it’s still not as good as fresh cilantro sprinkled over a dish.

I am telling you all of this because as of late, being the passionate vegan has been discouraging. I gave up talking about it, I stopped posting on my Facebook pages, and if somebody asked me a question about it the door was slammed on me before I could get a word in. So feeling frustrated with the world, I felt alone and withdrawn. And I know that this is the reality for many of you. But hear me, fellow vegans; there are others out there that get it. I mean really get it.

And to make this weekend even more amazing, I have managed to open the eyes of a friend to the contradictions and abhorrent views of mainstream society regarding animal agriculture.

So to celebrate, I did some cooking and meal prep!

hickpea Cucumber Salad, with a homemade citrus and herb dressing. Oil free, too! This will be my go-to snack for work and when I am tempted to eat junk food. 

Another oil-free delicious meal! These double baked potatoes that are filled with nutritional yeast and green onions will be another meal for work this week. My coworkers are always sniffing around my food at lunch time, and I am looking forward to their questions this week. 

Mulligatawny soup. Mm’mm! This deeply flavored Indian soup is fantastic. This soup was (for my lazy ass) a labor of love. I was first introduced to it by a couple that opened a little soup shop downtown. They have a few vegan options on hand all the time, either freshly made to eat right there in the shop or frozen to buy and take home. When I saw it in my new cookbook, I knew it was going to be the first thing I made.

I scored this gem at the thrift store I work in for only $1.00! Might just be the best money I have ever spent.

New Health Journey

Most of my life, I’ve been relatively weight conscious. In my late teen years I spent a lot of time working out every night before bed, and tried hard to eat healthy – even switching to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Now I’m in my late 20’s, vegan, with three kids and gaining weight. I stopped being health conscious when my family fell apart. Convenience became the norm, and then my kids Dad stopped feeding them healthy and they were no longer interested in healthful options.

I’m currently 155 lbs, at 5’5 and about 38.5 inches around the largest part of my waist/stomach. I have noticed new stretch marks appearing on my chest and some cellulite coming back around my thighs. Yesterday at work, a man and his wife asked me if I am expecting. I wanted to cry and never eat again.

So I am vowing to get my act together and toughen up. Right as soon as I buy groceries…
I’m putting this out into the world for accountability purposes. My hope is to stick to something between the McDougall diet and Raw Till Four.
(Information for both can be found below.)

Let’s do this.




I will also be using CRON-O-METER to keep track of my progress, nutrients and calories.