Recreating the Childhood Meal of My Dreams

I’m not a well traveled person, having never left Canada and only once my own province. However I will always remember my trip on the plane to British Columbia when I was twelve. While I have no memory of the flight itself or the views below, two things stand out; they were playing Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (much to the embarrassment of my parents) and the food. I had never had anything like it before. I felt pretty classy when a woman brought a dish of food and presented it in front of me as though I were in a fancy restaurant. I took a tentative bite and my mind was blown! I whispered to my Mom and asked her what was on this plate because it was delicious! She informed me that it was rice and chicken with cream of mushroom soup on top. It became one of my favorite dishes that day and my parents started making it for me at home.

Now of course I don’t eat chicken anymore or cream of anything, but tonight I was set on making a creamy sauce for noodles of some kind. I turned to the big wide web of recipes and no matter how many I found nothing seemed quite what I wanted. Then I came across a vegan cream of mushroom soup recipe and thought about the vegan “chicken breasts” I had in the freezer. It was time.

The recipe I used was this Best Ever Mushroom Soup¬†only I did adapt it a little. We’re out of Braggs Soy Sauce so I used a scoop of miso and corn starch instead of tapioca flour.

My kids helped clean the mushrooms with a fresh dish towel while I did the chopping and as a team we made garlic seasoned rice, dreamy mushroom soup and I cooked one single “chicken breast” in the oven to be sliced for garnish and flavor.

I wasn’t sure if my kids would eat it, especially my boys who adamantly despise mushrooms but I was surprised when my boys loved it and my “eat all the raw mushrooms” girl wasn’t keen. I put it in sample sized bowls on the chance that they wouldn’t eat it.


This recipe was a big hit with my most finicky eater and I went back for seconds!

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