Vegan Sloppy Joes!

It’s an awful dreary day here in Ontario, so what better warm bellied comfort food than sloppy joes? In all honesty, it’s likely been around 18 years since I’ve had them but I have to say that these were pretty exceptional.

I often receive cans of baked beans in tomato sauce from the local food bank, so that was my inspiration for this dish. We ate them up too fast for a photo op.

(serves 4)
1 can beans in tomato sauce
1 small onion chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
1 package yves veggie ground round
3 tbsp smoky barbecue sauce
garlic margarine
hamburger buns

Prepare the buns by spreading some garlic margarine on the open face of each half.

Start frying the onions in a bit of olive oil until they’re translucent. Add in the yves veggie ground round and saute until well heated.

Stick the buns in the oven on low (no higher than 200!) for a few minutes just to lightly toast them.

Add the can of beans in tomato sauce and stir thoroughly. Mix in some smoky barbecue sauce for extra flavor.

Scoop the bean mixture on top of the garlicky buns and enjoy!

**Bonus: Even my 8 year old highly sensitive kid who despises any beans and would once never eat anything brown ate his full serving without complaint.**

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