Why ‘Vegan Solace’?

This is a place to provide comfort via food, love, animals, and unity. Veganism isn’t about what you eat or what you don’t eat so much as how you choose to live. It’s a lifestyle.

What is vegan?
Being vegan is not harming others for personal gain. It is about loving openly and fully, protecting those who can not protect themselves, and doing the best you can to live peacefully. Of course, each person will have their own definition about what vegan means to them, but the universal principle of not consuming any animal products or taking another sentient beings life remains the same. This applies to food, cosmetics, clothing and living as sustainable as you can.

Is ‘vegan’ perfect?
Absolutely not! At least, not in today’s cultured world. Everything, down to your computer or electronic device has animal products. It is the very unfortunate truth. So while some things are nearly impossible to avoid, there is much that we can do to reduce the amount of harm and damage done by our lifestyle. I would never intentionally purchase something that isn’t cruelty free. I suppose if you lived naked in the woods and consumed only plants in all that you do, there is a chance you wouldn’t harm any sentient souls. But the earth that we walk on is full of tiny creatures that can easily by harmed by our very existence within their space.

No, veganism isn’t perfect.

So why vegan?
Animal agriculture does a lot of harm to this earth, our bodies and of course the earth’s children in all life forms. From deforestation, to fish farming, to battery hens, global warming, ocean pollution, obesity, cancer, disease, over consumption, water shortages and the living rights of those who can not speak in terms that we understand, the Earth is being ravaged and depleted. A vegan lifestyle has a large chain reaction on all of these topics and more, all of which I will cover later in this website.

And Solace?
Solace means to comfort, to provide relief, to console in difficult times. This, my friends, is a very difficult time. We need to come together and relieve the Earth of our heavy burden. We need to console the sentient beings that are being harmed by our ignorance. And once in a while, even a vegan needs comfort and support.

Who Am I?
If you’re wondering who the face is behind the words, I am a single Mother to three children, with a big heart and big ideas. My family has been vegan for more than five years, and I have many strong opinions and beliefs that all stem from love. Follow my many passions and learn something along the way. Come along this life journey with me and let’s support each other through positive energy and passion for life itself.

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